We advance strategy, represent brands, and orchestrate communication in a meaningful, transparent and memorable way.


At AB, we work with dynamic leaders who aren’t comfortable with the status quo. If you’re looking to play to win, gain the reach, and connect with your audiences, our team can help map a plan to get you where you want to be.


Based out of Salt Lake City, AB is a team of highly curated professionals with a passion for problem solving and a drive to help visionary leaders reach their next goal. Our team brings a polished and playful approach to developing the kind of culture you’re looking to create.

We propel leaders, organizations, and communities forward. Meet our team.


Ashley Babbitt is a creative entrepreneur and communication facilitator who has created a dynamic and diverse portfolio of signature community partnerships, flagship educational programs, and consulting clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 500. A recognized leader in strategic communication, Ashley is a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient from Westminster, where she has earned her Master of Strategic Communication (MSC) degree and B.A. in Communication.


Patrick Kibbie has always been a writer, but his love for the written word was cemented during his time at Westminster College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Art; he followed this with a Master’s Degree in Print Journalism from Boston University. Patrick has worked in the writing industry for more than 15 years, as a teacher and as a writer for local publications and a billion-dollar company; Patrick has experience in marketing publications, brand material, personality profiles, industry reports, and more.


Catherine Blakemore is brand designer and creative strategist specialized in crafting distinctive, authentic, and user-friendly visual identities and websites for a global client base. From being raised by two entrepreneurs and running her own business, Catherine knows first-hand how to guide brands and business owners to feeling successful and confident in their visual marketing.


Danielle LeCourt is a professor of communication, writer, marketer, and speaker who loves to explore how communication can be used to develop new and innovative approaches to diverse challenges locally and internationally. After spending the first 10 years of her career working in research, communication, and marketing, Danielle now applies her professional background to helping people find ways to use their 21st-century skills to make the world a better place; she holds a BA in Anthropology and MA in Strategic Communication.


Judy Babbitt is a seasoned communication professional who builds healthy workplace cultures and creates excellent customer service experiences. Judy has worked across the healthcare and education industries with a breath of experience in usability testing, empathetic practice, and client management processes.


Patrick Burns is an event production expert who specializes in designing meaningful experiences from intimate gatherings to sold-out stadiums, locally and nationally. With more than twenty years experience, he works with masterful attention to detail, project organization, and relationship management required to host 3 million + patrons/attendees throughout his career.


Rod Babbitt is an established leader in the financial securities and services industry with more than 30 years experience building business practices, designing sales strategies, and coaching multidisciplinary teams to achieve their greatest potential. Rod has helped businesses and individuals to secure their futures through the diligence and dedication of the teams he has built and mentored across the Rocky Mountain West.


Tim Haran is a skilled social media director, content creator and digital strategist with experience building vibrant online communities, crafting engaging content for diverse audiences, and leading a team of specialists in creating award-winning social campaigns. He recently established what is now an internationally recognized social media department at a billion-dollar nutritional supplements company and interacted with contributors for the organization’s blog that was inducted into the PR News Platinum Hall of Fame.